Fantasia The Ride: Never Built Disneyland Part 9

 Never Built Disneyland

Practically every classic Disney film from the Walt Disney days has had an attraction over the years, but Fantasia has never had a ride at any Disney Park, but that does not mean one was not planned at any point.

Welcome to Never Built Disneyland and be sure to check out the full series so far here. Today we are taking you through a never-built plan for an elaborate Fantasia themed ride in Fantasyland of Disneyland.

Fantasia was a film that didn't tell a linear story, instead featuring a series of short films all tied together in being based on pieces of classical music. This made it especially difficult to translate into a ride as they couldn't simply retell the story of the film as there wasn't one.

The Imagineers instead came up with a concept to recreate some of the iconic moments from the film in a ride setting that would fit in Fantasyland.

Plans were drawn up to replace the Motor Boat Cruise with an attraction based on Fantasia called the Garden of the Gods. This would have been an outside ride where you would ride on the back of a golden horse past recreations of scenes from the movie, specifically those involving massive mythical creatures.

It would have involved several large figures of characters from the movie notably Chernabog, with the only notable exception being the Mickey Mouse segment, which didn't really fit with the rest of the attraction.

The area would be themed as a mountainside garden, that was filled with characters and designs from the film.

This ride was never built, but it would later inspire another never built attraction in another park. Fantasia Gardens, one of the attractions planned for the never-built Disney's Animal Kingdom land Beastly Kingdom. This would have followed the same general idea, but with a boat ride instead of a land-based ride vehicle.

Old Motor Boat Cruise Load Station Disneyland

The area originally planned for this ride is currently known as Fantasia Gardens, but this is really only symbolic. and there are no actual decorations pointing to the film. It is a fun nod to what almost came to this spot in the park.

Fantasmic Mark Twain Finale Characters Disneyland

Today Fantasia does serve as a large part of Fantasmic, but it never received an actual ride in any park.

Thanks for exploring this ride with us and be sure to come back next week when we look into the never built Liliputin Land planned for Disneyland. In the meantime, you can check out the entire Never Built Disneyland series here.