Joe Biden Likely To Be Added To The Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World

Hall of Presidents Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Following the results of the US presidential election, we now can probably believe that Joe Biden will be added to the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom as he will be the next president of the United States of America following major news organizations projecting him winning over 270 electoral votes as well as the popular vote.

Joe Biden will be the forty-fifth president added to the attraction, as even though he will be the forty-sixth president, Grover Cleaveland only appears once despite serving two non-consecutive terms in the presidency.

Judging by past precedent, the attraction will close around inauguration day to be switched over, with the current president being moved to a less prominent spot in the attraction as Joe Biden takes his place on stage, which is always reserved for the current occupant of the office.

It is unclear when the attraction will reopen, as Disney needs to schedule a time with Joe Biden to write and record a speech for the attraction. As the show was overhauled prior to the last president being added, we shouldn't expect too many changes to the attraction other than a new president speaking towards the end of the show.

If you want to catch the current version of the show featuring Donald Trump, you only have a few months left.

The Hall of Presidents has continued to operate amid the COVID19 pandemic, although without nearby similarly patriotic show Great Moments In American History Presented By The Muppets.

This show continues to celebrate America, and we await more news on an exact timeline for when the new version will come to the Magic Kingdom.