Roger Rabbit's Hollywood: Never Built Disneyland Part 8

 Never Built Disneyland

Jessica Rabbit Animatronic Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Disneyland

Hollywood in Disneyland was meant to bring the glamor of the golden age of Hollywood that never was to Disneyland, and would have combined two Disney films, Dick Tracey and Roger Rabbit, with classic attractions from Disney MGM Studios to transport you into this world.

Welcome to Never Built Disneyland and today we are taking you through never built Roger Rabbit attractions planned for Disneyland. Be sure to check out the full series here.

Roger Rabbit was the first major hit Disney had made on its level in decades, so it was only natural to quickly try to bring it to the parks. Major plans were developed for a full land based on the film in Walt Disney World, and some of the attractions would be planned to come to Disneyland.

Hollywoodland was basically planned to be a miniature version of what Disney MGM Studios was at the time, so it was only natural for its expansion plan to be included.

Several attractions would be planned for the initial land and some of them were also slated to come to Disneyland.

While the Walt Disney World version of the Roger Rabbit section would include three or four attractions depending on the version of the plan you were looking at, the plan for Disneyland was smaller, include fewer attractions. If you want to find out about the Disney MGM Studios version of the land you can check out this article.

Lenny The Cab Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Ride Vehicle Disneyland

The only one that was discussed frequently in association with the Disneyland version was the Benny the Cab ride, which would have been an intense dark ride experience, possibly including movement. It would have taken you through the streets of Hollywood, potentially not even including a segment in Toontown. You would have ridden through Hollywood on the back of a Toon, with characters from the movie appearing in crazy situations around you, 

This ride would be canceled alongside the Disney Decade when funds dried up following the disappointment of the opening of Disneyland Paris, and issues involving the legal rights of the characters ensured it would never happen.

The concept for this ride would eventually be combined with the concept for a Toontown simulator ride from Disney MGM Studios to create Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, taking the best parts of both rides to make a new attraction taking place entirely inside Toontown.

Mickey's Toontown Entrance Sign Disneyland

While this section of the park would never get built, it would go on to inspire the Roger Rabbit ride we have today, giving the park one of its most unique attractions. While the original setting of the ride never was built, the same general ride still was built with the setting changed from classic Hollywood to Toontown.

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