The Rescuers Down Under 30th Anniversary

Cody Riding the Eagle Rescuers Down Under Disney
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The Rescuers Down Under is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. This brilliant film had several major firsts for Disney and it remains a visually stunning movie that paved the way for future movies including the recent Frozen II.

Rescuers Down Under was the first theatrically released animated sequel by Disney, a strange occurrence at a time they were increasingly invested in cheap direct to video sequels to their films, even high profile films like The Lion King and Aladdin. Yet they chose to make a sequel to their decade-old film The Rescuers, which was a highlight in one of Disney animation's darkest periods.

Miss Bianca and Bernard The Rescuers Down Under Disney
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This film was a technical achievement that would pave the way for future animated features of the Disney Renaissance. It created many techniques that would become standard throughout the era and provided a worthy follow up to the previous success of The Little Mermaid.

Rescuers Down Under was a departure for Disney. It was a sequel, it wasn't a musical and included no original songs, but it helped serve as a test run for the rest of the Disney Renaissance and was a sequel that met if not surpassed the quality of the original.

Bernard Miss Bianca and Jake The Rescuers Down Under Disney
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It remains a great part of the Disney canon, and is currently available to watch on Disney Plus. Be sure to give it a watch to celebrate its 30th anniversary.