Buena Vista Street Donald and Daisy Duck Disney Character Tribute

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck on Buena Vista Street Disney California Adventure

Buena Vista Street is the entrance to Disney California Adventure and it presents a gateway into the idealized world of Hollywood presented in the park. It serves as a look at the Hollywood Walt Disney himself might have experienced when first moving to California, and it features his characters all in time period-appropriate attire.

Today we are appreciating the outfits worn by Donald Duck and Daisy Duck whenever they meet in the land in celebration of the recent reopening of the land for the holiday season as the first part of any Disneyland Resort park reopening following COVID19.

Daisy and Donald Duck Buena Vista Street Disneyland Resort

Donald and Daisy wear outfits that almost match each other of dark reds and blues.

Donald and Daisy Duck Characters Disney California Adventure

They would often enter the park together wandering for a bit together and playing with guests before heading to more formal individual meet and greets near one another.

Daisy Duck Buena Vista Street Character Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This was the best place to meet Daisy in all of the Disneyland Resort before COVID19, and she would meet several times a day in the shady park area just outside of Elias and Co.

Donald Duck and Donna The Dog Lady Buena Vista Street Disney California Adventure

The interactivity of these characters was some of the best you could find anywhere in Disneyland, interacting with guests, one another, and whatever Citizens of Buena Vista Street were out at the same time.

We don't know when these characters will come back to the park, but hopefully, they start appearing again as soon as it is safe.

What is your favorite outfit to meet Donald and Daisy Duck in at the Disneyland Resort? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.