Tribute to Knotts Berry Farm in Disneyland

Disneyland Stagecoach Frontierland Big Thunder Trail

Disneyland is one of several theme parks in the Southern California area, and unlike the situation in Orlando, Disneyland has a playful friendly rivalry with its neighbors, most notably Knotts Berry Farm, that has amounted to some fun interactions over the years.

Most recently this resulted in a stagecoach rumored to be from Knotts to be added to Frontierland as a part of the expansion that brought Star Wars Galaxy's Edge to the park.

During this time, Big Thunder Trail was completely redesigned with a large collection of new props, including the stagecoach we are paying tribute to.

The coach is labeled as the Wilderness Expeditions and Delivery Service, in tribute to WED, the original name for Walt Disney Imagineering. But the W is done in a way that appears to mimic the Knotts Berry Farm font.

Both Disneyland and Knotts used to have stagecoach attractions, but the Knotts one is still active to this day unlike the Disneyland one, making this a nice tribute to a shared trait of both parks.

Frontierland Disneyland Railroad Bridge

This addition to Disneyland really improved the area with some added magic, adding new hidden details to explore and discover, not simply making this area the way to and from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Frontierland Entrance Disneyland

There are many great details in this section to explore, and this is just one of many.


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