Is a Star Wars 2020 Update Coming To Disney Magic Kingdoms: Mandalorian Content?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Star Wars Word Unscrambler

We just got our first hint at what the next update of Disney Magic Kingdoms is going to be, and it is looking like the game is about to get another Star Wars-themed update.

The game released a word unscramble hint on a space-themed background with words like ship, imperial, and galaxy included. These all point to a Star Wars-themed update, but that still leaves the question of what from Star Wars will be added.

There are hundreds of Star Wars characters from the eleven major movies, multiple television series, and more that could be included. As the sequel trilogy was the storyline behind the last update we can probably eliminate that as an option.

My personal bet is that the game will be getting a Mandalorian themed update. Disney Magic Kingdoms loves to add content based on the latest Disney releases and with the pandemic delaying almost every Disney release of the year, they didn't really get to do this except in March with Onward.

If it is Mandalorian, I would guess this is going to only add a couple of characters, and it may even be permanent content. Star Wars content in the game has been split up into both limited-time content, from the sequel trilogy, as well as permanent content, being R2D2 and C-3PO. The Mandalorian could be either.

Baby Yoda Season Two The Mandalorian

As for what characters will be included, I think it is safe to assume that The Mandalorian himself will appear alongside The Child, more commonly known as Baby Yoda. This could be the entire update, but if there is another character I would bet on it being one of the recurring characters from the first season like Cara Dune or IG-11.

There are also numerous things they could use as an attraction from the series like the titular character's ship, or locations on any of the numerous planets visited during the series.

Star Wars Section Entrance Disney Magic Kingdoms

Star Wars also made sense as one of the few things we know about this update is that more land will be coming by the end of the year. This would make it easy to add more land as there are two Star Wars plots of land waiting to be used.

If it is not The Mandalorian, I would expect some kind of smaller-scale update only adding three or four characters from either the original or prequel trilogy. Maybe an original trilogy update with just the heroes, Luke Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, but I still think Mandalorian is the best guess for what set of characters will be featured in this update.

Judging on past releases, there will probably be a live stream this Friday to reveal the update which likely will come out the next week. This would allow the entire update to be done by the end of November, allowing for one more update by the end of the year, which will almost certainly be based on the upcoming Pixar film Soul.

Endor Section Disney Magic Kingdoms Star Wars

It will be exciting for Disney Magic Kingdoms to get more Star Wars characters added to the game, whoever they are. If you could choose any Star Wars character to add to the game, who would it be? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.