Props From The Music Man on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour


The Music Man Film Props Harold Hill Briefcase

Very few movie versions of classic Broadway musicals manage to capture anything resembling the magic that they had on stage, and one of the best adaptations of a Broadway musical into a film is the classic version of The Music Man.

This movie was filmed in large part at the Warner Brothers studio backlot in Burbank just outside Hollywood in California.

To this day, the studio tour that takes you through the backlot features a few props from this film that you get a chance to look at in the museum-like section at the end of the studio tour.

Music Man Props Warner Brothers Studio Tour

In a glass case, you can see the briefcase of Professor Harold Hill, used for comedic effect the opening number of the musical.

Along with it there is also a trombone and a marching band hat that had been used to make the musical film.

This is just one of many sets of props you can see on the tour, but it gives you a nice chance to see a piece of film history that helped bring the musical Music Man to a wider audience than the Broadway stage could provide at the time.

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Have you ever gone to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in California? What is your favorite prop you have seen there? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!