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Never Built Disney Studios

Tummy Trouble Roger Rabbit Short Roger and Baby Herman Filming The End

Roger Rabbit's Hollywood was meant to transport you to a world where all of your favorite cartoon characters are alive and no different than any other actor, except they were animated. One of the attractions of this land attempted to take you into this world of filming animated features, and made you a part of the action.

Welcome to Never Built Disney Studios, and be sure to check out the rest of this series so far here. Today we are taking you through a never built Baby Herman attraction planned for Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Disney MGM Studios in its early days was intended to be a place you could see the movies being made, so this attraction concept would have been an interesting twist on that theme, showing you a fictionalized take on how animated films were made based on a hit Disney film.

The general idea of the ride was you were going to help film the Baby Herman short Tummy Trouble, which is an actual animated short film that you can actually watch on Disney Plus right now to give you an idea of some of the ride scenes.

Baby Herman wanted you to film some of his scenes for him, sending you on a wild, classic animated film inspired journey in a baby buggy.

The exact ride system behind this ride is unknown, but it likely was intended to be a more basic dark ride than the other more advanced proposed rides from Roger Rabbit's Hollywood, rounding out the land with a more low tech attraction.

This ride would have been as self-aware as the film had been, poking fun at the theme of the park itself as movie making, in a loving but humorous way.

While the short the ride was based on would be made, the actual ride never would be following breakdowns in the production of a Roger Rabbit sequel that would place a permanent hold on almost every single Roger Rabbit project by Disney.

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This ride would have given Disney's Hollywood Studios something it still lacks to this day, a quality, lower-tier dark ride. The park has a massive collection of extremely popular rides from Tower of Terror to Rise of the Resistance but lacks the lower tier rides that round out a theme park.

A good theme park features a collection of high-class attractions and lower wait rides. A good example is Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom which has Space Mountain, but also smaller-scale attractions like the Peoplemover or Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. This would have been one of few smaller-scale attractions at the park, and would remain a welcome addition to this day.

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Be sure to come back next week when we explore the last Roger Rabbit themed ride from Roger Rabbit's Hollywood, the attraction based on Benny the Cab. In the meantime, you can check out the full series so far here.