Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Disney's Hollywood Studios Guide

Opening Date: August 25th, 1989

Very little remains from the early days of Disney's Hollywood Studios at the park, but Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular remains as a tribute to the original movie-making theme of the park.

This stunt show recreates multiple moments from the original Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark, including the iconic ball scene.

This show remains one of the most impressive stage shows Disney has ever put on, and on a scale unlike anything else at the parks.


Opening Scene

Thrill Rating 5/10

This show does have a few intense moments featuring some onstage violence, including high drops and fire effects.


Set of Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Disney's Hollywood Studios

COVID19 Information

This attraction is closed due to COVID19, however, the theater is used to eat food from neighboring restaurants.

Special Information

This show includes a few audience volunteers in the second scene of the show, chosen from the audience.