Russel, Carl, Dug, and Kevin From Up Disney Character Tribute

Carl and Russel Signing Autographs Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rarely do films have more characters meet in the parks years later, but that has been exactly what has happened with Up.

The film initially premiered with a few characters meeting guests in a meet and greet to promote the film, most often Carl and Russel, but also joined by Dug.

They instantly became fan favorites and ended up finding permanent places in the parks, especially Russel and Dug, who would regularly meet with guests in both Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney California Adventure.

Russel Riding Kevin Pixar Play Parade Disneyland

But years later, Kevin the bird would make his first appearance in the final run of the Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland, with Russel on her back.

Kevin would also soon come to Disney's Animal Kingdom as a wandering character throughout Discovery Island, bringing a lot of fun to the area with her expressiveness and ability to interact with guests in real-time.

Dug Character in Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure

She was relatively short-lived at the park, but hopefully will return following the COVID19 pandemic when wandering characters can come back to the parks.

Russel In Pixar Pier Up Disney California Adventure