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 Never Built Disney Studios

Roger Rabbit Simulator Ride Never Built Concept Art Disney World

One of the earliest expansion plans for Disney MGM Studios was Roger Rabbit's Hollywood, an entire land based on the gritty, town filled city found in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with multiple attractions planned for it before it was canceled amid legal issues with the characters.

Today we are taking you through the never built simulator attraction planned for this land. Be sure to check out our entire series exploring the never built rides of Disney MGM Studios/ Disney's Hollywood Studios here.

Multiple attractions were planned for this land, most of them centering on exploring the film's version of post World War II Hollywood, but one ride would have taken you into the center of Toontown on a high energy simulator attraction.

This ride would have you get onboard a Star Tours style simulator attraction themed as a public bus through Toontown. You would enter in Hollywood, then enter Toontown through a tunnel just as Eddie did in the movie, before going on a crazy Toon filled journey.

Playing into the theme as a bus, the simulated screens would not only be in front of you, but all around you. This would fully immerse you in the world of Toons It would not only feature characters from the film, but also other Disney characters living in Toontown.

This ride was never built along with the rest of the land, but it would go on to inspire parts of Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin in Disneyland, which was designed to combine ideas from this ride and the rumored Benny The Cab themed ride.

This ride would have been a strange choice for Disney MGM Studios, which was also slated to receive Star Tours, another simulator using a practically identical ride system. Body Wars ended up seeing a dip in popularity after Star Tours, which wasn't even in the same park. Two of the same ride system in the same park probably would not have gone well, and one of them would have suffered.

Rock N Roller Coaster Exterior Disney's Hollywood Studios

The ride would never open, and the land it was planned for was eventually utilized for Rock N Roller Coaster.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us and check out the rest of the series so far here. Also, come back next week when we explore the never built Baby Herman themed ride from Roger Rabbit's Hollywood.