Fantasia 80th Anniversary


Fantasia is one of the most interesting Disney films ever made, and today it is celebrating its 80th anniversary.

The film features no overall story, instead only featuring a series of shorts strung together based on different musical pieces, both original and classic, that Disney would create custom animated shorts to go along with.

The intention was for this film to be released over the years with new segments being inserted in, but the film would end up flopping in its initial run as a result of being released at the start of Disney's involvement in World War II limited the film's release.

It later found success in subsequent releases and home video releases, becoming one of the most popular classic Disney animated films, with several parts of the film, namely the Chernabog and Sorcerer Mickey segments, becoming an iconic part of the Disney brand.

It would even get a long-awaited sequel in Fantasia 2000, which would follow the same setup with newly chosen instrumental pieces.

Fantasia has found a place in the Disney Parks in many ways, with Mickey Mouse constantly meeting as Sorcerer Mickey, and Fantasmic taking much of its inspiration from this film with appearances of characters like Chernabog.

The characters of Fantasia also found a home in a lengthy segment in the lost Magic Kingdom parade Spectromagic.

Fantasia is a Disney classic that broke the traditional Disney mold in a way that gave the world something unique and wonderful that can still be appreciated today for its technical and artistic achievements.