Jurassic Park Scene Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

Jurassic Park Jeep Crushed Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

Along the Universal Studio Tour, you can find a variety of tributes to classic movies, allowing you to live them for yourself, and one of the best tributes belongs to Jurassic Park, which has an extensive scene on the studio tour that pays tribute to both the original classic film and the first sequel The Lost World.

It features a collection of vehicles featured in the films surrounded by the partially eaten remains of multiple dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park Scene Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

Many of these were actual film props, set up in a way that not only shows them off, but transports you into the world it was originally made to create.

Jurassic Park The Lost World Universal Hollywood Studio Tour Scene

After passing by a section from the original film you pass into a Lost World themed section featuring extended vehicle that is used throughout the film, notably in the high energy T Rex attack scene on the edge of a cliff.

Jurassic Park The Lost World Bus Prop

The bus is surrounded by references to the film like the InGen company and other items you might find in the films.

Dilophosaurus Animatronics Jurassic Park Universal Studios Hollywood Tour

One of the highlights of the experience is a collection of animatronic dinosaurs at the end of the scene that shoots water on you, simulating the poison the dilophosaurus shoot in the films.

Jurassic Park Ride Entrance Universal Studios Hollywood

These are historic props used to create a miniature scene from the original films, that continues to pay tribute to them when the main attraction in the park has since been themed to the newer Jurassic World movies.

Dilophosaurus Animatronic Shooting Water Universal Hollywood Studio Tour Jurassic Park