Captain Redd Disney Character Tribute

Captain Redd Along Rivers of America Disneyland

Captain Redd is the newest character in Pirates of the Caribbean. Replacing the original bride auction, she reimagined a classic character to become the first female pirate in the ride.

Along with her appearance in the Disneyland attraction, she began to wander the streets of New Orleans Square in person.

Captain Redd Along Rivers of America Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Character

Captain Redd was one of the most interactive characters at Disneyland, practically playing along the Rivers of America in search of treasure, a ship, and Captain Jack. She honestly was a lot more fun in her appearances outside of the ride than her original scene in the ride.

She is a new original character who meets with guests in the parks in a time where that is almost unheard of, making it a special thing to be able to meet with her as she explores the streets of New Orleans Square.

Captain Redd Character Disneyland

Now, with a film being made starring the character, she may become a more constant part of Disneyland, and will likely return when the park is able to return and roaming characters come back to the park.