Smoked Turkey Sandwich Woody's Lunch Box Review Disney's Hollywood Studios

Smoked Turkey Sandwich Woody's Lunch Box Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land

Woody's Lunch Box opened along with Toy Story Land quickly giving the park a wonderful new counter service location, serving a collection of sandwiches that became among the best offerings at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

One of the great offerings at this small location was the smoked turkey sandwich served with a cup of tater tots.

This sandwich is served with multigrain bread, with lettuce and tomatoes complimenting the smoked turkey.

The turkey tasted fresh cut and all the entire sandwich felt incredibly fresh, especially by Disney standards.

This entire restaurant serves some of the best meals at Walt Disney World, and there really is no bad option here.

One thing to know though is there is not a lot of seating in Woody's Lunch Box, so you might want to find a seat before ordering, leaving a person to hold down a table while the rest of the group orders the food.

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