The Mandalorian Disney Magic Kingdoms Star Wars Update Revealed

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms The Mandalorian Event Screen Star Wars

Disney Magic Kingdoms has revealed that their next major update will be a Mandalorian themed Star Wars update, adding additional characters from the franchise tied to the popular Disney Plus series in celebration of the release of the second season of the show. It will also give you a chance to earn some previously released Star Wars content, similar to last year's Frozen II event.

We are going to take you through all the new content being added in this update, as well as a hint at the next update.


The Mandalorian

The Child/ Baby Yoda (NOT PREMIUM)

Cara Dune

Kuiil (Premium Possibly 200 Gems)

Greef Karga


The Sandcrawler

Razor Crest (Premium)

Nevarro City

Concessions Stand

The Child Plush Stand (Runaway Blurg Tapper Event and Concession Chest)


Mandalorian Gold Trophy (Striking Gold Events)

New Land

There is a new plot of land coming in the Star Wars section. It is the Tatooine side of the Star Wars area that is being unlocked for  25,000 magic.

Event Details

The main event will be a mini-event, which means you will get a chance to earn Star Wars characters, but it is relatively short for a Disney Magic Kingdoms event. It begins Thursday, November 12th and it is time-limited to earn characters from the first season of The Mandalorian.

If you have any Star Wars content from the original event then they are going to be able to help out in this event, alongside some other permanent content

There are also a few smaller striking gold events throughout the month of November to earn the Mandalorian trophy.

 There will also be another Blurg tapper event in early December.

Other Additions

In the attraction enchantment screen, you can now see the rewards for each potential enchantment level starting with this upcoming update.

The Star Wars parade float is now going to be in the parade float shop and will not be in the Star Wars chest.

Hint For Next Update

The next update is going to be a full event and the clue was that we should be quivering with excitment. This in my mind points towards a Brave themed update with the word quiver certainly pointing towards Merida's famous bow and arrow. She is also the last princess not included in the game, so it would also allow for her comfy costume to be added at the same time.