Disneyland Corn Dog Review

Disneyland Hand Dipped Corn Dog

Disneyland has a large collection of classic treats, most of which have been transferred to parks around the world, but one still remains exclusive to Walt Disney's original park, not available anywhere else, the Disneyland Corn Dog

Offered at multiple locations throughout the park, this snack is one of the best things you can get at Disneyland. It is famous for its Little Red Wagon location on Main Street USA, but it was also available at the significantly less popular Stage Door Cafe on Frontierland.

This corn dog is hand-dipped into an amazing cornbread that could easily be served on its own separate from the corn dog. It has an incredibly strong flavor that blends perfectly with the hot dog to create a world-class snack that transcends what you would expect from a theme park snack.

Mark Twain Riverboat On Rivers of America Disneyland

It is a perfect snack to walk around with, and can be enjoyed while waiting in line for attractions or while enjoying the ambiance of the many lands of Disneyland. Hop on the Disneyland Railroad and enjoy your corn dog. Pick one up as an after-dinner snack.

Golden Horseshoe at Night Frontierland Disneyland

There is a reason there are lines around the corner consistently for this snack at its most famous location. It is legitimately one of the best corn dogs you can find anywhere in the world, and it can only be found in Disneyland.

Disneyland Railroad Entering Tunnel Frontierland

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