Top 5 Suspended Coasters I Have Ridden

 Coaster Round Up

All roller coasters are not considered equal, some become instant classics to entertain for years, while others don't and never gain popularity or acclaim.

We are starting a new series here at TPE today called Coaster Round Up, where we discuss, rank, and speculate on roller coasters around the world. Today we are starting with an opinion based list, the five best suspended coasters I have ridden.

5. Mind Eraser/ Riddler's Revenge (Six Flags New England)

Ok, so here is where I reveal I have only been on five of these coasters. This is a fine coaster with a fun layout, the problem is the restraints make it too painful to enjoy. Now I have heard since the ride was rethemed to Riddler's Revenge it got better restraints and is now less painful but I have not gotten a chance to ride it since the change.

4. Hungarian Horntail/ Ice (Islands of Adventure)

Dragon Challenge Entrance Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This is the slower of the Dueling Dragons/ Dragon Challenge but still an amazing coaster on its own. It packs in five inversions, but loses points for a smaller opening drop than its twin coaster. It does earn some points from me for being my first suspended coaster. I only ever dueled once on this attraction and it was on this version, which made the experience a lot more impressive, but it lost a lot of its magic when it stopped dueling.

3. Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Roller Coaster From Ghost Town Knotts Berry Farm

Silver Bullet is a great mid-tier inverted coaster. It fits in six inversions and is incredibly smooth through all of them, especially considering its older style restraints. It is one of the best coasters at its park, and has a nice look over a body of water in the park.

2. Chinese Fireball/ Fire (Islands of Adventure)

This coaster was part of the same attraction as Hungarian Horntail, but was a significantly better attraction all around. It had a larger first drop, a better and more smooth layout, and the faster speed gave it an intensity the other side did not have. I wish I had been able to duel on this half of the attraction, but I feel lucky to have gotten to duel on either side at all.

1. Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

Alpengeist is by far the best themed inverted coaster I have ridden, while also being one of the most thrilling. Like all of the coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, it beautifully incorporates itself into the terrain, but also themes itself into the snowy Alps with multiple drops into chalet themed buildings and through snow-themed trenches.

None of these take away from its thrill factor though, with six inversions including a cobra roll and zero-g roll making it a great experience for any coaster fan.