Wipeout Being Removed From Lake Compounce


Wipeout Flat Ride Lake Compounce Amusement Park

It is looking like Lake Compounce has removed Wipeout from the park, and it will not be returning next season to the amusement park.

Wipeout had been removed from the Lake Compounce website earlier this year following the 2020 season where it operated during the shortened season.

Wipeout Lake Compounce Taken Apart

It has now been removed from the park and was last seen taken apart and loaded onto the back of a truck in the expansion space alongside the still not put together parts of the upcoming Venus Vortex attraction.

The company that owns Lake Compounce, Parques Reunidos, has been removing rides from several of their US parks in the last couple of weeks, most notably removing four flat rides from Kennywood, including one ride that had been relocated from Lake Compounce a few years prior.

They have been removing high-cost attractions to save on operating costs during the COVID19 pandemic. It appears that Wipeout was the victim of this trend at Lake Compounce.

It is unclear if this ride is being moved to another park or just being scrapped. Likewise, it is unclear what will become of the ride's former location, but we will keep you up to date on when we find out more info