Top 5 Temporary Things In The Disney Parks That Became Permanent

Cinderella Castle Hub Magic Kingdom Disney World

The Disney Parks are places visited by thousands every day. Attractions there last for decades and become iconic parts of the park.

But not everything in the Disney Parks is built to last. Some things are meant to be temporary, but they don't always end up that way. Sometimes temporary attractions become so popular they end up becoming permanent parts of the park.

Today we are taking you through five temporary additions to the Disney Parks that ended up becoming long term or permanent long beyond when they were originally slated to close.

1. Test Track Awning

Test Track GM Concept Art Epcot Disney World

The entrance of Test Track had been dominated by an awning ever since it opened, but this was originally set to just be a preview area for the new attraction. It not only lasted through the entire original version of the attraction, but has also lasted into the second version of Test Track.

2. Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade Waltz Disneyland

While its original run was always intended to be extended, its most recent run in Disney World was set to be for a single summer. It ended up becoming indefinite following the accidental destruction of Spectromagic, the usual night parade of the Magic Kingdom. It would stay much longer than initially intended, and when it left the Magic Kingdom would be left without any night parade.

3. Hyperspace Mountain

While the Disneyland version would be temporary, the multiple international versions would end up becoming extended, pretty much replacing the original versions. There is no sign of Space Mountain Mission 2 returning in Paris or the original version coming back in Hong Kong.

4. World Showplace

Spaceship Earth With Sorcerer Mickey Wand Epcot Disney World

As part of the Millenium Celebration, Epcot's World Showcase got an events pavilion inside of a glorified tent. It was initially the home of the celebration, but ended up becoming a permanent part of Epcot, hosting events for the seasonal festivals of Epcot through to this day.

5. Festival of The Lion King

Festival of The Lion King was quickly thrown together before the opening of Disney's Animal Kingdom in the aftermath of Beastly Kingdom getting canceled. The theater was temporary and the entire land it was in was designed to be easily torn down. It was made almost entirely be reusing a Disneyland parade. There was just one problem with this plan. Festival of The Lion King quickly became one of the most popular parts of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Harambe Arts Youth Show Disney's Animal Kingdom

Not only was it not temporary, it survived the closure of its original land by moving into a new custom-built and more permanent theater in Africa. It remains one of the best stage shows Disney has ever made, despite its humble origins.