A Tribute To The Broadway Stage Door


Presley Ryan Beetlejuice Musical Stage Door Broadway

Broadway has been a communal art form, where people joined together to experience shows together as a group, and nowhere was this more evident than the Broadway stage door.

The stage door was a longstanding Broadway tradition where people would line up outside following a show in hopes of getting autographs or photos with some of the actors and actresses that just performed for you.

James Monroe Iglehart Aladdin Stage Door Broadway

This has grown increasingly popular in the last few years, especially among younger theatergoers, with some shows making special efforts to make them a special experience for their most dedicated fans.

The Broadway production of Be More Chill turned their stage door into a sing along of the songs from the musical, with actors playing along, and often waiting to come out on their song. This made it a fun group experience for lovers of the show.

Hadestown also made the stage door a special experience, giving fans a red flower, in reference to the logo and its role in the show, when they went to the stage door. They made the stage door a calm experience of unity, where the actors would often stop and talk with people after the show. It was a special experience in line with the community themes of the show.

LaChance If Then Stage Door Broadway

With the coronavirus pandemic, it is uncertain that the stage door will return even after Broadway returns. It is a shame that this part of the Broadway community may never return, but let us at least appreciate it for while we had it.