Mickey Mouse Sourdough Bread Review Disney California Adventure

Mickey Mouse Boudin Sourdough Bread Disney California Adventure

Typically Disney snacks are small and meant for only one person, but we are not talking about one of those snacks today. Today we are reviewing the massive Mickey Mouse shaped sourdough bread sold at Disney California Adventure.

This bread is made right at Disney California Adventure, at the Boudin Bakery, and it is huge, about the size or bigger of a loaf of sourdough bread you might buy in any normal grocery store, except it is shaped like the famous head of Mickey Mouse. It isn't even just the three circles, it actually features his mouth, eyes, and nose sculpted in bread.

Boudin Mickey Mouse Sourdough Bread Disney California Adventure

This is a large snack that is made entirely of the great Boudin sourdough bread, crispy on the outside, but soft enough to melt in your mouth on the inside.

Personally, on a trip to the Disneyland Resort, I will typically buy one of these to take back to my hotel room where it makes a great snack to have in the morning before a day spent exploring the theme parks at Disneyland.

Pacific Wharf Disney California Adventure

It is more than big enough for a family to share together, and also makes for a great snack to take home with you as an edible reminder of your trip to Disney California Adventure.

If you aren't certain about getting one of these, stop by the Boudin Bakery and get a free sample of the same sourdough that makes this bread. You can also get a look at the process that was used to make this bread with the self-guided factory tour in the same location.