New Concept Art Analysis for Universal Studios Beijing October 2019

Universal Studios Beijing New Concept Art October 2019

We just got some major new information about the new Universal Beijing Resort, as well as several new 3D renderings, a video announcing new attractions as well as concept art for the new park and its attractions.

Universal Studios Beijing New Concept Art 2019

This is significantly different from the original concept art released a few years ago, but similar to what recent reports were about this new park. So let's go through what will be in each land in the new park, opening in 2021.

First, you will enter in a Hollywood themed land.

Going immediately to the left you have a Transformers themed land including the classic Transformers ride and a clone of the Hulk roller coaster from Islands of Adventure.

Continuing clockwise you have a Kung Fu Panda themed land which will be entirely inside and focus mainly on family-friendly rides.

Next, we have the Water World themed land which will feature the great stage show from other Universal Parks.

Next, we have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, which appears to be a direct clone of other versions of the land, without the Hagrid roller coaster recently added to the Islands of Adventure version of the land. 

Then you have a Despicable Me themed land, with the only currently confirmed attraction being Minion Mayhem.

Finally in the center, we have a Jurassic World themed land, noticeably missing the classic Jurassic raft ride. This means all of the attractions will be original, with at least two show buildings being visible in the concept art, one under a glass dome and one behind the visitors center.

There is also going to be an attraction based on The Great Wall movie, likely in the Hollywood section of the park as it appears to be a studio themed ride, similar to many of the attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Characters from the How To Train Your Dragon franchise are also significantly featured in promotional materials for the resort although I can't be sure if they have a dedicated attraction in the new park.

There is a video viewable here that showcases many of the attractions in this new park, although at least at the moment it is not available in English.

Universal Beijing Resort 2019 Concept Art Analysis

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