Jungle Cruise With Skipper Destiny at Disneyland

The Jungle Cruise has evolved a lot over the years. It started out as a serious nature documentary like ride, inspired by Walt Disney's own True Life Adventure films. Eventually, it evolved into the humorous ride we have today.

Now, this ride is unique in that the ride experience can vary a lot from ride to ride. It isn't like most rides where the same thing happens every single time. Instead, your ride experience relies almost solely on the talent of your skipper. A great skipper can make this ride the highlight of your day, and its something to be shared.

Luckily that's what we got on this cruise into the jungle rivers of the world.

Skipper Destiny kept the humor up through the entire ride, making sure we heard all of the classic jokes from the film, as well as throwing in some seldom heard jokes, something all to uncommon these days with Disney limiting the types of jokes skippers can tell on this ride.

Travel on the original rivers of adventure in Adventureland on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise, with Skipper Destiny.