5 Great Musical Theater Halloween Songs


Beetlejuice On Broadway Winter Garden

Last year we showed you a few musicals that are great for Halloween so this year we thought we would bring you a new Halloween themed musical theater article. So here are some great musical theater songs to get you in the mood for Halloween. Just so you know, we're limiting it to one song per show otherwise this list would be dominated by the musical Beetlejuice and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Sexy (Mean Girls)

A somewhat untraditional Halloween song, showcasing what it is like to celebrate Halloween in a modern high school, where you make anything from Rosa Parks to corn sexy.

The Whole Being Dead Thing (Beetlejuice)

This whole show could really be included on this list but we're limiting it to this one song as it encompasses the whole theme of the show, providing a comical look at death just like the movie does.

Time Warp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

The classic theater Halloween song that even has mainstream appeal. No Halloween playlist is complete without this song.

Halloween (Be More Chill)

Another look at modern high school Halloween, but a lot more intense. If your idea of Halloween is tight sexy dog costumes and drink till you damage your liver, this is the Halloween song for you.

Don't Feed the Plants (Little Shop of Horrors)

What says Halloween more than an apocalypse of man-eating plants taking over the world.