Incident on The Epcot Skyliner, Gondolas Collided

Skyliner Walt Disney World

FINAL UPDATE: Guests trapped on the Skyliner for 3 hours were compensated with a gift card and a park hopper ticket for their inconvenience.

UPDATE 5: Close up photos have come out revealing two cars definitely did collide with each other in a station. No one was hurt, but the gondolas were damaged in the incident. The photos are not included here as we do not have permission to use them.

UPDATE 4: Everyone is safe.

UPDATE 3: Skyliner resumes movement. Disney claims closure was the result of a power failure. Evacuated Guests being transported by other methods. Impacted guests were stranded for 3 hours.

UPDATE 2: Disney is now denying that any incident took place on the Skyliner despite photo evidence that something did in fact occur. They are calling the events "unexpected downtime" not any kind of collision.

UPDATE 1: The Skyliner is being evacuated as we speak, but it is being evacuated one vehicle at a time, so if you are currently stranded it could be a while before Disney is able to get you back on the ground. Stay safe and know that Disney is working to get everyone down.

An incident occurred tonight at Walt Disney World on the newly opened Skyliner on the line between Epcot and the Rivera Resort.

Details haven't been released, but reports indicate that something happened near the Rivera Resort station involving the collision of some of the gondolas.

Social media reports indicate that the people have been stuck on the line as a result of whatever this incident is.

If you are reading this and you are trapped on the Skyliner, know that there are emergency supplies in your vehicle for a situation just like this.

Rescue operations are underway for everyone stranded on the Skyliner, so if you are trapped, do not worry, Disney is working to get you back on the ground safely as soon as they can, but rescue operations are slow for this type of system, and this is the first-ever real evacuation of any portion of the Skyliner.

Here's a quick video overview of some of the events that happened in regard to this event and Disney's response to it.

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Stay safe everyone.