The Seas with The Little Mermaid: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 14

This week we take you Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid to look at a canceled attraction from the Project Gemini plans for Epcot's Future World.

Not much is known on the project, beyond a general Little Mermaid theme, but it would have replaced the original The Living Seas Pavillion.

What little information we do have points at this being more edutainment than the current The Seas With Nemo and Friends, especially in terms of the main ride for the new pavilion, replacing the SeaCabs. It apparently would have featured Little Mermaid characters teaching people about the ocean and pollution, similar to The Circle of Life film in The Land Pavilion that used Lion King characters to teach about climate change.

As for the rest of the pavilion, we really don't know a lot about what would have happened, but I would guess it would have been similar in style to The Seas with Nemo and Friends, with play areas themed to characters from the film. I would guess they would have fit a meet and greet into the Pavilion as well though. Honestly, this probably would have fit Future World pretty well despite the princess nature of the pavilion.

This was canceled along with the entire project Gemini as part of budget cuts following the early failure of Euro Disneyland. This was not the only canceled Little Mermaid attraction, as a similar, less educational attraction was canceled for Disneyland Paris.

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