The Muppets Present Great Moments In American History

Great Moments in History The Muppets Finale

Opening Date: October 2nd, 2016

Closing Date: October 5th, 2019

The Muppets are a rarely utilized property in the Disney Parks, so it is always special to see them used in a big, creative way. One of the best new ways that they have been used in the parks was in Liberty Square.

In Liberty Square for the past few years, The Muppets have performed shows celebrating Great Moments in American History.

There are two different versions of this show performed on a daily basis, The Ride of Paul Revere and The Declaration of Independence, that alternate with each other. Both versions are hilarious and really use Muppet style humor to both educate and entertain about the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, as a result of budget cutbacks, this show recently left the Magic Kingdom, with no sign of a replacement.

Remember this great show, and celebrate Great Moments in History but only the American parts with The Muppets.


Declaration of Independence

Ride of Paul Revere

Thrill Rating 1/10

You stand and watch this show. No special 3D tricks this time.

Special Information

The Muppets appear larger than their normal size for this show to make up for appearing above the audience.