How to Watch World of Color from the Lamplight Lounge

World of Color From Lamplight Lounge Disney California Adventure

World of Color is the extremely popular night spectacular at Disney California Adventure. There is really one official place to watch this, the viewing location in front of Journey of the Little Mermaid in Paradise Gardens Park. But there is another unofficial viewing location that provides a great view of the show without the need for a Fastpass or dealing with the massive crowds of the stand by viewing location.

You can watch this show from the Lamplight Lounge of Disney California Adventure.

If you get an outside seat at the restaurant prior to the show you can ask to stay at your table through the show. You can do this in both the upstairs and downstairs seating areas, although personally, I prefer the view from the upstairs seating area that used to be a part of the Cove Bar. This gives you a more unobstructed view and an overview of all of the fountains, which is a view you cannot get elsewhere.

Now I will say that this is a side view, so if you are only going to see the show once, watch it from the traditional viewing spots, preferably the Fastpass or dining package locations as they are much better views. But if you have seen the show a lot, this is a nice change of pace that gives a different perspective on the great show.

For an idea of the perspective, check out the video above, which was taken from the Cove Bar, which is now a part of the restaurant's upstairs outside section.

If you're looking for a new way to see World of Color, try the Lamplight Lounge.