Trailer Breakdown Jungle Cruise

We just got our first trailer for the movie version of the Jungle Cruise featuring Emily Blunt and The Rock, and it has a lot to unpack.

First of all, let's talk about all the attraction references in the trailer alone. We saw the classic hippo scene, some of the natives that look similar to those found in the ride, and some of the ride's trademark humor. It even includes the famous "backside of water" joke.

The basic premise, as we already knew is that Emily Blunt's character is some kind of explorer who is looking for passage with her brother to a dangerous part of the jungle, and comes upon the cheapest option available, Nilo's (The Rock) Jungle Cruise company.

We see a slightly reimagined version of the classic ride vehicle in the trailer which now incorporates an inside portion.

Overall this trailer appears to want to introduce us to the characters portrayed by The Rock and Emily Blunt more than the overall storyline. We know it involves Emily Blunt and her brother's characters seeking out some kind of treasuer in the jungle, with some kind of mystical element involved in the treasure.

As for some of the rumored features, so far there are no references to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers or other Disney attractions. It does appear this is being set up as the franchise to replace Pirates of the Caribbean. The scale and tone are both similar and it would not shock me to find out Disney already has sequels in the works for this film.

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