To Kill a Mocking Bird Standing Room

Shubert Theatre Jeff Daniels To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mocking Bird is something rare, a new hit play not based on a popular film franchise. With its star-studded cast including Jeff Daniels in the lead role, it is selling out shows on a regular basis.

Now the show selling out could be an opportunity to get cheap tickets to the show. If it sells out, then standing room tickets become available.

Game Changing Mockingbird Sign Broadway

They are given out after rush tickets on the day of a performance when the box office opens (M-S 10am Sunday Noon). The tickets cost $39 each and are located at the back of the orchestra section of the theater.

Be sure to check online if the show is sold out (it usually will be) so you don't waste your time. Honestly, this works best as a consolation prize if Rush tickets sell out before you get to the box office.