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Stage One Muppet Shop Disney's Hollywood Studios

Stage One is the main merchandise location in the Grand Avenue section of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Located next to MuppetVision 3D and directly next to that attraction's exit, it is fully themed based on the entire Muppets franchise. Inside you will find a soundstage filled with props and sets from various classic and modern Muppet films, including notably a recreation of the balcony of the Happiness Hotel above you.

The Muppets Stage One Grand Avenue Disney's Hollywood Studios

Outside of the shop you can find a lot of fun Muppet theming as well, tucked into this quiet corner of the shop.

The shop itself contains a lot of Disney artwork pieces as well as a collection of generic Disney merchandise.

This is a great place to shop if you want to avoid crowds as if you catch it in between performances of MuppetVision 3D the shop can be relatively empty.

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