Mr. Penguin Disney Character Tribute

Mr. Penguin Hugging Guests in the Rain Disney's Hollywood Studios Parade

Mr. Penguin is a classic character from Mary Poppins who has remained an infrequent, but special visitor to the Disney Parks over the years.

Mary Poppins, and Bert to a lesser extent have met in the Disney Parks constantly, even meeting in multiple different outfits depending on where you see them, and what time of the year it is, with special winter versions of their outfits appearing during cold weather.

Mr. Penguin and Mary Poppins The Magic of Disney Animation Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mr. Penguin often appeared alongside Mary Poppins and sometimes appeared with other Mr. Penguins, just like the animated portion of the film which featured several penguins.

Mr. Penguin Signing Autographs in the Animation Building Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sometimes he would appear in scheduled meet and greets or parades with Mary Poppins, but other times he would just surprisingly show up alongside her.

Today he has been coming to the parks less and less, only appearing in surprise meet and greets and at special events, making it special to see him.

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