Lake Compounce Has Repainted Its Entrance Plaza Yellow

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce Yellow Entrance Plaza 2021 Amusement Park

Lake Compounce has been teasing updates for their 175th season this year, and while they have yet to be revealed, one of them you can see from outside the park.

Lake Compounce has repainted their entire opening entrance plaza a bright yellow color for the start of the season.

Lake Compounce Entrance Plaza

Here is a look at what the entrance plaza looked like last year during the 2020 season. This blue color has been featured for decades on the buildings, so this is a new look for the entrance.

Lake Compounce Entrance Plaza Repainted Bristol Connecticut

This will surely be a new look for the park, and we will have to wait until the park opens for the year on May 8th to see how it looks.

The park is currently teasing an announcement on Monday, March 21st, and it looks increasingly like there is going to be a lot to enjoy this season at the park as it celebrates the biggest milestone yet for an American amusement park.