Ambassador Theatre: Broadway Theatre Tribute


Chicago Broadway Musical Marquee Ambassador Theatre New York City

The Ambassador Theatre is one of the most unique Broadway theatres to ever operate, and it is the current home of the hit revival of the musical Chicago which has run there since 2003, as the third theater of the revival.

Ambassador Theatre Mezzanine Broadway New York City

This theater is notable for its position within its building. It is located on a small plot of land, so to fit a larger audience the theater was placed diagonally in the building, allowing for a massive audience and a relatively small stage.

Chicago Broadway Musical Set From Mezzanine Ambassador Theatre

This has made the theater home to smaller plays and stripped-down musicals, like the current occupant Chicago, due to very little backstage space being left by the layout of the theater.

Standing Room View Chicago Musical Broadway New York City

This theater is strange and unique in a way that differentiates it from anything else on Broadway, making good use of its limited space in New York City.