Disneyland Forward Expansion Announced: Frozen, Zootopia, Tangled and More Attractions Coming to Resort


Disney has just announced massive proposed expansion plans for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, involving multiple new lands as part of a long-reaching Disneyland Forward expansion plan.

This plan would also involve new entrances to both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and involve the addition of multiple lands that are currently announced to be coming to other Disney Parks around the world.

Disneyland Forward Expansion Concept Art

Disney has released a lot of concept art for this, including one massive piece of concept art that goes over the entire project. While Disney did not commit to any new lands that would be added as part of this expansion, they did present one set of possibilities for what this expanded version of the Disneyland Resort could look like. We're gonna go through what these plans would bring to the Disneyland Resort.

Peter Pan Neverland Fantasy Springs Disneyland Forward Concept Art

First, the Fantasy Springs area currently announced for Tokyo DisneySea would be added. This land includes a series of mini lands based on Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan.

A Zootopia land, a Toy Story Land, and Tron Lightcycle Run were also mentioned as part of this expansion.

Zootopia Land Disneyland Forward Concept Art

It is worth mentioning that Disney says these are possibilities and that they have not permanently committed to these exact lands coming to the parks in this expansion. But if this is the plan, I can't even express how exciting this is.

These expansions would be added with connections to Disney California Adventure and Disneyland, with walkways from Pixar Pier and somewhere in the New Orleans Square area respectively.

Disneyland Forward Full Resort Map Rendering

This would also involve a new entrance plaza esplanade style area being added between the existing Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Hotel.

This is a truly massive expansion unlike anything we have seen in the entire history of Disneyland with the exception of the addition of Disney California Adventure, and I can't even tell what's in all this concept art.

Tangled Fantasy Springs Disneyland Forward Concept Art

The Fantasy Springs area seems more obvious as we already know a lot about what's coming to this area already. This land will include a clone of Frozen Ever After, a Tangled themed boat ride, and two attractions based on Peter Pan. But the rest of the expansion is a bigger mystery.

This expansion looks great and I hope it happens.

Disneyland Forward Disney Springs Concept Art

Also worth noting that Disney has announced that they want to expand not only here but also to the East of Disneyland in one of their existing parking lots.

Frozen Fantasy Springs Disneyland Forward Concept Art

Now, this expansion pad they gave less specific plans for, saying it could be used for either hotels, retail, dining, or an additional theme park.

Honestly, I think that this is the more in the far future plans because if they are doing this kind of expansion to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure they don't need to add a third theme park for a while.