Lake Compounce Reveals 175th Anniversary Park Redesign

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce has revealed that for this year, for the 175th anniversary of the oldest continuously operating amusement park in America, the park will be getting a refresh of various restaurants and attractions throughout the entire park.

This is in addition to the already announced Venus Vortex waterslide that will be opening this season.

 This also comes right after the park announced that they had lost their classic Halloween event, the Haunted Graveyard. 

Significantly this announcement involves a new logo for the park, and personally, I am a huge fan of this new logo. I think it better captures the classic style that Lake Compounds has always had and prominently features the mountain that is the park's defining feature, as well as a wooden roller coaster which is really what the park is known for. It also features a few other sites throughout the park.

Lake Compounce and Crocodile Cove Old Logo

I liked the old logo but I think that its mid-2000s design was definitely starting to show its age, so I'm excited about this new logo.

Beyond this, the park released some concept art for various refreshes of different areas throughout the park. We actually caught on to one of these a day before the announcement. If you have been visiting our website you may have seen photos of the entrance plaza is with its repainted yellow color scheme.

But this is one of only a few major changes being made throughout the park, with the main entrance area becoming a main street-themed area, and different areas throughout the park getting new designs.

Parkside Diner Restaurant Lake Compounce

The old record music-themed restaurant will be getting an all-new color scheme and theme as well as the neighboring attraction, Saw Mill Plunge. I really like the general aesthetic that the park is going for with these rethemes. I don't think the bright colors that many areas of the park had tried to display ever worked as well as they wanted them to, and I think that these more green and brown rustic themes fit much better with the setting.

Lake Compounce has always been defined by its amazing waterfront and mountainside setting, and these new themes tie into that. I hope that it's a broader direction the park goes for in the future.

It's great to see the entire park getting some love and I am really excited to check out what it all looks like when the park reopens this year.