5 Disney Parks Characters That Should Come To Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Partners Statue Walt Disney and Mickey Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms has added various characters ranging the entire spectrum of the Disney film library, but so far they have only added one character from the Disney Parks to the game, Constance Hatchaway.

So we are suggesting five Disney Parks characters that should come to the game in future updates.

1. Captain Redd

Captain Redd Character Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

Captain Redd is a recently added Disney Parks original character that brought the first female pirate to versions of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean around the world. She is a lot of fun both inside the ride and in the meetable version of the character that began to wander New Orleans Square in Disneyland. She could also be fun to see alongside other pirates characters already in the game.

2. Country Bears

The Country Bears are some of the most fun characters you can meet in the Disney Parks, all with their own distinct personalities that would be interesting to see in the game. Any of the characters would be fun to see in the game, but especially the show's breakout star Big Al, who I can just picture wandering with his trademark guitar.

3. Father (John)

The game already has Carousel of Progress, so why not add its most famous resident, Father, known in the current version of the game as John. He could be seen in any of his outfits from various decades and serve as a great character to wander Tomorrowland.

4. Hatbox Ghost

Hatbox Ghost Animatronic Haunted Mansion Disneyland

Constance Hatchaway is already a part of the game, so why not let her have a companion from the Haunted Mansion. The Hatbox Ghost would be a natural addition as one of the most famous of the 999 happy haunts, and he is even located next to Constance in the ride. He would make a great Halloween addition, or a side character in an upcoming event.

5. Figment

Figment Topiary Lit Up Purple at Night Epcot Walt Disney World

Figment is one of the most famous Disney Parks original characters of all time, and would make a great addition to the game. He could be added alongside his attraction, and would be a lot of fun to see causing imaginative mischief around the kingdom. I'm also sure the game could come up with some great storylines to follow for this special character.