Snow White's Scary Adventures Magic Kingdom Version

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Snow White Sitting on Steps Watched By Evil Queen Snow White's Scary Adventures Magic Kingdom Disney World

New Fantasyland brought a variety of new attractions to the Magic Kingdom, but it also cost the park one of its opening day attractions, Snow White's Scary Adventures.

This ride was one of three Disney film based dark rides that opened along with Walt Disney World, and it was certainly dark. It featured little of the happy scenes of the movie, and placed the dark forests and witch's dungeons throughout most of the layout.

Magic Mirror Scene Snow White Scary Adventure Magic Kingdom Disney World

This ride was similar to the Disneyland original version, although slightly scaled up in size due to the massive amount of area available in the Magic Kingdom. The outside was still built in the original medieval fair style of the original Fantasyland. The inside then transported you to experience the world of Snow White.

Dwarf House Snow White Scary Adventure Magic Kingdom

The ride closed to make way for New Fantasyland, but many of the props of the ride ended up in the new Snow White attraction, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The final scene of the new ride features figures from the original attraction, providing a tie between the two attractions of the Magic Kingdom.