Incredibles Omnidroid Ride: Never Built Disney California Adventure

Never Built Disney California Adventure

Early Pixar Pier Concept Art Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Pixar Pier gave the world the first-ever ride based on the Incredibles franchise, the Incredicoaster, an overlay of the classic California Screamin roller coaster that was an opening day attraction at Disney California Adventure.

But early plans for the land not only involved the Incredicoaster, but also a second Incredibles-themed ride as a part of the redo.

Early concept art showcased an Incredibles-themed spinner to be located in the helix of the Incredicoaster near the entrance to the ride. This would have involved opening up the area to the public with pathways to and from this proposed ride.

While the Incredicoaster was largely based around the events of Incredibles II, with references to Jack-Jack's powers and the Incredibles being public figures, this second ride would have been more based on the first Incredibles film.

Dash Attacked By Omnidroid Incredibles Final Battle Scene

The ride was set to be a Dumbo-style spinner attraction based on the Omnidroid that the Incredibles fight multiple times throughout the first film. You would ride on various arms of the robot with assumably great views of the Incredicoaster around you.

This would have given the park an additional ride and a type of ride it still does not have to this day and utilized a plot of land that had sat empty since the early days of the park, as well as serving as additional decoration for the more major ride in the land, the Incredicoaster.

Incredibles Pixar Pier Bathrooms Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This was not included in the final phase of plans that actually came to be for reasons never publicly made clear. It is very likely that as plans were developed, either budgetary issues or concerns regarding the ride's location came up.

Incredibles Float Paint The Night Electrical Parade Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The Incredibles section of Pixar Pier opened with only one attraction and this ride's proposed location is still empty to this day, with no entrance even built where guests might venture in to some future attraction.

Incredicoaster Launch Pixar Pier Roller Coaster Disney California Adventure Disneyland

An Incredibles spinner may not have been the best ride ever built, but it would have given the park another special exclusive attraction to be enjoyed by guests for years to come had it been built, and its a shame it never became a reality.