Armageddon: Never Built Disney California Adventure

Never Built Disney California Adventure

World of Color Fire Scene Disney California Adventure Disneyland

There is no denying that Disney California Adventure and Walt Disney Studios share many similarities. Developed at about the same time with similar themes, these two parks shared a lot of attractions and various other elements. But they almost shared one more.

Rumors state that one of the abandoned plans for an early attraction in Disney California Adventure was a clone of the Armaggedon stunt show eventually built in Walt Disney Studios in the Disneyland Paris Resort.

This show recreated many of the effects from the famous disaster film made by Disney in a walk-through attraction/ show hybrid.

Gone Hollywood Neon Sign At Night Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Set to be located in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of the park now known as Hollywoodland, it would have been located next to MuppetVision in the eventual location of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Play It! had it been built.

In the end not building this attraction was probably the right move. The film it would have been based on did not have the staying power of most Disney films, and would have just added to the already large number of dated attractions in early Disney California Adventure.

Plane On Fire Water World Stunt Show Universal Studios Hollywood

The competition for stunt shows in Southern California was and remains intense, and Disney never really tried to compete in this area.

Judging based on the attraction that got built in Paris, this would not have even compared to other stunt shows in the area.

Red Car Trolley Stopped In Hollywoodland Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Disney California Adventure never got a permanent stunt show attraction, but the park ended up finding its own way without one.