Disneyland's Never Built Snow Queen Ride: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

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Frozen is one of the biggest Disney success stories in recent memory, but it was hardly the first time Disney explored using Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen as an inspiration for a storyline. In fact, back in the early days of Disneyland, it was explored for a Fantasyland attraction.

This ride was proposed to be added to Disneyland's Fantasyland by Marc Davis and it was to be loosely inspired by the visuals of the Snow Queen story, partially taken from ideas for an abandoned Disney animated film, although it would not have told any kind of storyline, instead existing as a journey through various scenes in an artic landscape.

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As you explored the landscape on the ride you would come across the Snow Queen herself as well as various cold-weather creatures including polar bears and penguins. These would all be peaceful creatures playing in artistic winter scenes. Notable scenes would have included a penguin orchestra and ice skating snow creatures.

The ride would have also been notable for featuring intense air conditioning to make it feel cool in its arctic setting.

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During its development, this ride was planned for both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at different points, but it never went past the conceptual stage. In Disneyland, it would have been located in the current location of Mickey and the Magical Map.

Disney never built this ride, finding the concept strange for its calm nature, but the Snow Queen would eventually serve as inspiration for one of Disney's biggest animated films ever, Frozen, which would even get its own ride, Frozen Ever After.

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