References To A Bug's Land in Cars Land: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Road Sign Cross Street A Bug's Land In Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

A Bug's Land was the first land in any Disney Park based on a Pixar film, and the first Intellectual Property based land in Disney California Adventure. As it was right next to Cars Land, the iconic section of the park held many references to the land that now are no more.

The telephone pole in the center of the land had a green sign that referenced the land in a font evocative of the Bug's Life style pointing towards the closest entrance of the land through cross street, the location of many references to the land.

Biggest Little Wonder Route 66 Cars Land A Bug's Land Sign Disney California Adventure

As you come along Cross Street you can see several signs referencing A Bug's Land in classic Route 66 roadside sign syle, making it feel like it is just another attraction along the iconic roadway.

Shrink To Size of Bug Sign Cars Land A Bug's Land Pathway

The future of this section of the park is currently unknown with Marvel superheroes moving in, but hopefully the playful nature of these signs will be recreated with the new occupants of the land, as it was a real treat to look at.