Soarin Around the World Epcot

Soarin Around the World

Soarin had been a smash hit since it opened at California Adventure, and was one of the few rides people actually considered worthwhile in the original park. It was no surprise this was the first (and so far only) ride to be added to Disney World from Disneyland's second park.

There were some problems with the move though. The ride was added to the Land, celebrating the earth in general. But the ride only showed California. The most obvious problem was with the ride ending in Disneyland at Christmas.

This was something Disney saw was eventually fixed once the ride proved its lasting popularity. Soarin Around the World was the replacement at both Epcot and the original in California Adventure

This ride makes perfect sense in Epcot, which has a full section dedicated to cultures of the world. It is somewhat misplaced in a park themed to the state of California.

This ride was also criticized for its excessive use of CGI, to the point some scenes look completely unrealistic. The worst of this is the Paris scene where if you are not in the exact center of the ride the Eiffel Tower curves to an extreme amount.

This is a great update for the Epcot version, minus the CGI, but makes no sense in California Adventure.