The Backstory of Disneyland's Adventureland

Disney Adventurer

Riding An Empty Jungle Cruise Boat Adventureland Disneyland

Adventureland is one of the best land's in Disneyland, and it has an extensive backstory that connects the majority of the attractions in the land.

We are going to take you through the backstory of the current version of the land, and how it connects to the attractions of the park, and other Disney rides from all around the world.

Hippo Charging Audio Animatronic Jungle Cruise Disneyland

Adventureland is themed as an explorers town on the edge of a vast unexplored rainforest, serving as a staging ground for various explorations and archaeological expeditions. The shops and restaurants are all tied to this theme, with specifically the Tropical Hideaway being a famous local hangout of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

The Jungle Cruise exists within the land as the primary form of transportation for inhabitants of Adventureland, while also being a tourist trap for unsuspecting visitors.

Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Forbidden Eye Station Disneyland

But the reason this town exists within the lore of Adventureland is the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. This temple granted wishes for many travelers, and caused it to become a famous location for people to travel to, even as people began disappearing within the temple. This eventually brought famous explorer Indiana Jones to Adventureland to discover the secret of the temple.

Adventureland today is not the vague exotic escape it was originally created as, but a 1920's explorers outpost with a lived in history.