5 Disney Films That Need A Ride

Disney Adventurer

Mulan Princess Character Meeting Entrance of Disneyland

Disney has hundreds of classic films in their vault, and not all of them are represented in the Disney Parks. We are going to take you through five Disney films that should have a ride in the Disney Parks that don't.

To be included in this list, the film cannot have a current or previous permanent attraction in any Disney Park worldwide. We are also not including films with rides officially in the works

1. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins and Bert Characters on Main Street USA in Disneyland

Mary Poppins is one of the most iconic live-action films from the Walt Disney era, and it is crazy it has never had any attraction built based on it. There are so many iconic scenes from the original movie, and it even recently got a sequel that boosted the film's pop culture status. Now that it is looking like the upcoming Epcot ride was canceled, being removed from Disney's promotional materials, this once again rejoins this list.

2. The Lion King

The Lion King franchise has given Disney two of its most successful animated films ever, yet its theme park presence remains relatively small considering this. It does have the Festival of The Lion King, which is an amazing show, but it leaves many Disney Parks without any significant long term Lion King attractions, and no park has ever gotten a ride-through attraction.

Timon Character Signing Autographs in Disney's Animal Kingdom

3. Mulan

Mulan Disney Princess Character Disneyland Fantasy Faire

Mulan is one of the Disney Princesses, but apart from various meet and greet appearances, she really has relatively little in the Disney Park. Her film would be one of the easiest in the princess lineup to translate to a thrilling ride, with plenty of fun musical numbers and action scenes that could be recreated in ride form.


Many versions of Tomorrowland around the world desperately need a new attraction, and WALLE could be the best way to make this happen. It is one of the best Pixar films, with plenty of scenes that could easily become a ride, most obviously the fire extinguisher dance sequence in space.

WALLE and EVE Find Your Special Moment Pixar Pier Billboard Disney California Adventure Disneyland

5. Coco

Coco Billboard Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Coco is an amazing modern Pixar film that is a wonderful tribute to Mexican culture and the classic holiday, and it would make a really fun ride. I can only imagine how scenes from this film could be recreated in a ride, recreating both the living world and the afterlife. There are many places this would be a perfect fit for, from Epcot's Mexico Pavilion to Pixar Pier, bringing a beloved film into the parks.