History of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Cairo Battle Scene Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is the longest-lasting show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and one of the few remaining parts of the park that has been open since the early days of the park, still dedicated to the original movie-making theme of the park.

This show has survived through a lot, remaining a constant as the park around it changed radically.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Preview Performance Disney MGM Studios Disney World

The show was not ready for the opening day of Disney MGM Studios, operating in soft opening previews until its official opening day on August 25th, 1989 as one of the first major additions to the park.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Set Disney's Hollywood Show Disney World

Themed based on Raiders of the Lost Ark this show recreates many of its most iconic moments and stunts from the film, beginning with the iconic ball scene.

Following this is a segment featuring stunt coordinators explaining some of the stunts used in some of the scenes of the film while they set up the next scene, a battle in the streets of Cairo involving scenes on and around a series of buildings. This scene would involve audience participation from a series of people chosen at the beginning of the show and one fake participant.

Then, as long as it isn't raining there is a final scene featuring the plane battle scene.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Plane Scene Greek Cross Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

When the show first opened, during scenes featuring battles with nazi's you would see various elements with swastikas on them. In 2004 these were removed and replaced with the Greek Cross to remove the hateful symbol from the park.

That change would be one of few major alterations to the original show since it opened, and during the last few years of its operation it seemed almost out of place in the park still referencing filming and directors, and it remains as the last major part of the park dedicated to movie making.

The show closed with Walt Disney World amid the COVID19 pandemic, and it is uncertain when or if the show will reopen again as the show would be difficult if not impossible to perform in a socially distant way in its present form.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Cairo Scene Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Right now the theater is used as an outdoor dining space, making it a part of the park even while closed.