Raya and the Last Dragon Disney Magic Kingdoms 5th Anniversary Update Revealed

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Raya and the Last Dragon Update

Disney Magic Kingdoms just revealed everything coming to the game in their upcoming update celebrating the 5th anniversary of the game, featuring characters from Raya and the Last Dragon.

This update will be coming out Tuesday, March 8th, with the event starting on Thursday, March 11th. It will be a mini limited-time event. They gave us very little information on the actual update so far, beyond this.

Below we will take you through all the new content being added in this update as well as other information released about the future of the game and a hint at what the next update after this is going to be.

This article may be updated as more info is released on the event.




Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Disney Magic Kingdoms Raya and the Last Dragon


Namaari Disney Magic Kingdoms Raya and the Last Dragon


Parade Float

Raya and the Last Dragon Float (Featuring Dragon)

Hints For the Year

Disney Magic Kingdoms gave us two major hints at updates coming later this year, although they did not specify if they were for the next update or an update later this year.

The first hint involved an event involving a flash, potentially in reference to a photograph.

They also hinted at this year being one to celebrate anniversaries. Personally, I would guess that this has to do with Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary later this year.

We will have a full analysis of these hints coming out tomorrow, so be sure to come back to Theme Parks and Entertainment tomorrow for us to unpack what these might mean.