Jessie Disney Character Tribute

Jessie and Bullseye in Diamond Horseshoe Magic Kingdom Disney World

Jessie may not have appeared until the second Toy Story film, but almost as soon as that film came out she became just as popular as Woody and Buzz in the Disney Parks.

Jessie and Woody in Frontierland Magic Kingdom Disney World

Jessie immediately joined any and all Toy Story offerings in the Disney Park, joining Woody in many of the western-themed shows he was a part of and becoming a part of Toy Story and Pixar sections of parades.

Jessie Signing Autographs Magic Kingdom Disney World

She ended up meeting guests constantly in Disney Parks around the world, finding a home in many Frontierland's and in Disney's many movie studio themed areas.

Woody and Jessie Toy Story Float Block Party Bash Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jessie remains one of the most popular Pixar characters in the Disney Parks and will hopefully keep meeting just as often in the parks for years to come.